Dap Demo 0.3.0 - Clarity Update

Oh dapdap my fellow Daps!

Today we are yet again updating our project Dap - this time with some bigger changes.

We have completely overhauled the beginning of the game, to give the structure clarity and flow. And less ways to go means less possible issues, right? 

Paul - working on level design and story - is thinking hard about the story and the meaning of life- uuhm I mean Dap - and what questions to answer and which ones should be left unanswered. 

Aside from all the big philosophical questions there was other work to be done, which makes the game much more playable for any button masher (we know who you are out there...) and we were hoping to make everything a bit more understandable. We are learning how hard tutorials are to make and we think we might still have some way to go, but this is still a good worthy update.

Changes and additions include:

  • New design of the "spirit world", a place closer to Dap's heart where you will be returning over the time of the journey.
  • Functionality of growing trees in this place from collectable seeds. You can fertilize them with your spare mushrooms to accelerate growth.
  • A character you could previously only talk to will now come with you. You may be able to meet and collect more characters...
  • Newly overhauled dialogue.
  • New intro area.
  • Better and clearer tutorial prompts and a better attempt to explain the game's mechanics.
  • Button-mash-proof Dap dialogue.
  • Bug fixes that allowed you to hit/shoot at inappropriate times.
  • Lots of additional save points.
  • Save system is automatic once more.
  • Difficulty balance - if the game was too hard for you previously give it another go!
  • Your character is affected by the infected areas in the game. Stay too long in such an area and you will become infected!
  • Melee is a bit more usable against enemies. The spell is still a lot more powerful and the primary weapon. But it can be very satisfying to hit the little bats with the melee.

Finally we have decided to shorten the Demo a little - the previous area of 'Mushroom Tomb' is now not included anymore. We are still working on this area and on many others to come. But we need you to be a little excited for when the game will be complete ;-)

As always we want to thank everyone for playing and make sure you leave us some comments and feedback! 

Oh Dapdap!

Melting Parrot


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Sep 08, 2020

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NIce so glad to see the game getting the progression it needs.