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Great job on this project 🙂 I thought the technical art and music was professional, immersive and dream-like. Well done!

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This is a very impressive little game that I could definitely see being successful as a full paid game on Steam or something. The technical art behind this is beautiful and original. I was a little distracted while playing, yet still managed to progress because of all the simple directional cues like the fireflies and and color shifting. Really great work, I hope to see more by these creators!

I played this game here at (37:48): 

The pacing, level of polish and overall tone/setting of Florrae is such a delight. I normally hate being near water in games but the water in Florrae is so dreamy and fun to move on. Such a gorgeous game, amazing work~^^

Thank you!! I guess it's floating over water rather than swimming in it ;)

looks great!

Incredible stuff! Well done peeps ^^