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Florrae is a relaxing exploration game where you travel through an infinite world of hexagons and discover nature as it unfolds around you. 

As you wander the world, other Florrae Spirits will guide you on your journey, to unlock new pieces of nature and commune with all that is Florra!

Game features:

  • Explore a unique, procedurally generated world.
  • 5 distinct biomes.
  • Dynamic day-night cycle.
  • Many quirky characters to speak with!
  • Beautifully crafted music.
  • An endless tranquil experience...

A big motivation for our team for creating this infinite exploration game was our love for procedural generation algorithms: We love Perlin Noise!


Konrad Thomson

Production, Character Design, Narrative, Animation, 3D Art

Andras Krajko

Concept Design, Procedural Generation, Level Design, Programming, 3D Art

Iris Anstey

Art Direction, Shaders, Tech Art, VFX, Programming

Paul Anstey

Music, SFX


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Great job on this project 🙂 I thought the technical art and music was professional, immersive and dream-like. Well done!

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This is a very impressive little game that I could definitely see being successful as a full paid game on Steam or something. The technical art behind this is beautiful and original. I was a little distracted while playing, yet still managed to progress because of all the simple directional cues like the fireflies and and color shifting. Really great work, I hope to see more by these creators!

I played this game here at (37:48): 

The pacing, level of polish and overall tone/setting of Florrae is such a delight. I normally hate being near water in games but the water in Florrae is so dreamy and fun to move on. Such a gorgeous game, amazing work~^^

Thank you!! I guess it's floating over water rather than swimming in it ;)

looks great!

Incredible stuff! Well done peeps ^^