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Wonderful and colorful game. I enjoyed wandering through the forest and listening to the water flow does the stream. 

For a game with no story or intense gameplay of any sort, this is amazing. I love that you just walk around inside of this mysterious forest on what I assume to be an alien planet. I love the feature of being able to climb the tree's, even though it is a bit buggy, but I cant expect more from a small indie game on I love the incredible sound design and the beautiful atmosphere. If this is something you would work further on, or maybe make a flushed out game like this, I would 100% donate to boost the project. Thank you for an amazing experience. 

Warm Regards, Snorre.

This is one of the most beautiful looking games I have ever played. Props to you for an amazing game.

I looks super good

I had a nice stroll through a lovely little fantastical forest. The distant watery effect sort of made it feel like we're underwater, especially with the floating boulders around. The color shifting as the time of day changed was a very nice touch. I streamed some of this here:

Interesting, but insanely buggy. There are invisible walls everywhere, and if you jump into them you begin rising into the sky. You can bunnyhop up any terrain at all. And you can also head to the edge of the map and just hop off with nothing stopping you at all (you can also find the edge of the water, which stops at the end of the shore.

At this time, this just kind of feels like an abandoned tech demo.


Yeah that's what it is, it's a tech demo.

What do you plan on with the game? Other than that, great job!

Wow, this was awesome! The forest is for verdant and full! I especially liked how it looked at night, with the white moon beams coming down from above.

I love how beautiful nature is. Every walk you will see beauty. It is just insane. Also, falling on the edge of the map you will get a trippy experience like you are high.

I really went out of bounds in the end, and it got such beautifull results!

Really pretty and well done to the both of you :D you can check out my playthrough here, if you skip to 1:06:07. very nice!

this is pretty nice, starts at 4:00.

nice island

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This was a really cool design for a horror game. The map for the game was both haunting yet beautiful at the same time. A land covered with nature, mosses, trees, floating rocks, waterfalls, ocean and red mushrooms.... The map looks fantasy-like and the environment helps to build the mood and atmosphere for the game where it felt quite mysterious and spark curiosity in the players to continue exploring the map as well. Will be looking forward to see how the map will be used for an actual game.

Thank you for reading my comment and I wish you good luck in your future endeavours.



love the game was a wonderful sight to behold I really enjoyed the experience thank you so much :):):):)