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hey, I’m trying to play on windows 10 with an Xbox controller. The right stick (aiming) purely moved in a vertical manner, and the d-pad buttons don’t work (can’t craft at fires). Is there a way to use the keyboard to enable an Xbox rather than ps layout?

hi, not sure why it's not working, we have had a lot of people play the game with xbox controllers. Have a look in the options, you should be able to change your layout there (ps and xbox).


Hey, played your game hope U like this video that I made

It snuck into my dreams and turned the creepy dial way up to 11.


Oh goodness! That's nice, but that demo is really quite old now! There is a new one on Steam at the moment if you feel like it.

Thanks for playing!

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You're welcome! OMG this game is so cool!! Thank you dev!!

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Really fascinating aesthetic and strange story, definitely something to watch for a full release!

Ok, now I finished the whole demo and wow, definitely looking forward to more of this!

Game is pretty neat but you really should add a fullscreen option in the options menu. Also, it would be nice if you could press esc and it would bring up a menu to exit the game instead of having to hard close it with alt-f4

Thank you, which version of Windows are you using? Because the game is fullscreen by default and has been for others. Also there is a menu on esc that brings up a 'quit game' option. Did this not appear for you?

It worked. I was testing some stuff in a sandbox and decided to play the game without closing it first and it derped out on me. Sorry about that.

It's not good but boop

Just got done replaying through the game I thought it was fantastic especially because there were no bugs that I found, nothing went wrong, and I just thoroughly enjoyed the game. Thanks for fixing the bugs man really appreciate it.

fantastic, thanks heaps for your help!

Np man.

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Love the game, especially the atomosphere it creates by using fear of the unknown, (just kinda makes you wonder what's really going on) however, as much as I love the game, there are still a few bugs like sometimes when you're being chased by the demon near the end of the game the save file will load me outside of the level and I will have to restart the entire game by making a new game.  The same has to be done when the orb again at the end would randomly glitch out, (just disappears and the npc stays asleep instead of turning into the demon) and I would again have to restart the game.  (I don't know if this is just on my end or if it is actually the game.) All in all though I do love the game and can't wait to see it's full release.

Hey, thanks very much for your comment and kind words! As to the bugs, we will try to fix this asap! The saving system has caused us some issues already but we haven't experienced it this bad :( There will definitely be a update soon regarding the save system. Thanks heaps for letting us know!

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No problem man keep me posted. If you'd like me to try and find any other bugs let me know.

Hey, just letting you know that we have fixed the above issues. Will keep updating the game, so anyone finding any issues let us know! Thanks for playing!


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Omg this game is so cool!! Love the psychological horror aspect and the mysterious lore surrounding the daps, infection and horned being. The art is eerily beautiful. Some parts like the enemy swarms and chase scene were really intense (I died *so many* times lol) but I think it helped to build the creepy atmosphere and the plot premise that you're trying to escape from something sinister. So long since I've found a rpg with so much potential. The full game will definitely be a challenge to beat but looking forward to its full release :)

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Where do I begin? This game had me captivated from the first second I started playing it. The beauty and mystery in this game are unrivaled, and the entirely unique gameplay had me aching for more. This is such a masterpiece, and I can only hope that more people learn of its splendor. 


Hey, thank you so much for playing, we are very happy how much you liked it despite all the troubles in the beginning and the end bit. It was very helpful for us watching you play, we know now a lot better what to improve! We are working on updates and apologize for all the bits you got stuck in - it wasn't meant to be this hard ;) Thank you for your enthusiasm!

I will absolutely keep my eye on this game and am eagerly awaiting the full release! Even though there were a few parts I got stuck at, it didn't detract from my experience at all. In fact, it kind of added to it. The beginning portion felt like a learning experience the whole way through, and helped me understand some of the mechanics of the game on my own while allowing me to explore the map and take in the scenery. And while the end bit was fairly difficult, it didn't frustrate me whatsoever. It provided a nice challenge and a very tense atmosphere, which helped build adrenaline and the desire to reach the end. One thing I really like about the game is that it didn't really hold my hand. That added to the mystery and splendor of the game. While there are a few points that I think some "tutorial-esque" pop-ups might work to make the experience a bit smoother, as it stands, I am overall EXTREMELY happy with my experience. Like I said, this game deserves A LOT more attention. Such a finely crafted game through and through.

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The characters look EXACTLY like the 'Kodama' tree spirits from the Ghibli film "Princess Mononoke"What is the origin of the Japanese Kodama? - Mythology & Folklore ...

YOO this looks so beautiful!! You have my attention now! Keep up with good work!